20 April, 2013

Skipped number eight.

TEN things about yourself:

1. I'm fat and I don't care.
2. I fall in love easily.
3. I love Eiffel tower so much.
4. I am very sentimental person.
5. Sensitive
6. I do observe before talk
7. I buy books and read after a week.
8. God-fearing
9. I'm good at hiding feelings.
10. I make mistakes.

NINE things you want to do before you die:1. See Eiffel Tower with my own to eyes.
2. Watch Sunset with my lovey.
3. Build my own company.
4. Make out at the beach
5.Travel with my family
6. Meet all my celebrity crushes.
7. Compliment all people.
8. Build house near beach.
9. FLY.

SEVEN ways to win your heart:1. Make me smile.
2. Just be yourself.
3. Love me with my imperfections.
4. Out of the blue, He'll kiss and hug me.
5. Surprises
6. Scrapbook of me and you
7. Fall in love with me, and we'll share our common weirdness.

SIX songs that remind you of anything & why:

1. Sunset by Avalanche City- I am in love with sunset. <3
2. Hit the lights by Selena Gomez - This song reminds me of Tap tap, I used to play this game in my friends iPad/iPhone. And we tickle and distract each other.
3. Scientist by The Coldplay - Reminds me of my fictional crush. Christian T Grey. I feel like I am Anastasia. Hihi x
4. The man who can't be moved by The Script - Because it's hard for me to move on to anything, to someone, everything...
5. Kiss you by One Direction - Friends, my crazy friends who loves 1D so much.
6. Call me maybe by CJR or CRJ - We had a music video. Reminds me of my awesome College life. x

FIVE things you wish you could say to five different people.

1. Let's fall and share our mutual weirdness and called it Love. <3
2. Can I have your iPad?
3. Let's go to the beach and have fun!
4. Eiffel Tower is simply amazing, right? ....... I love you, too!
5. Do I know you?!

FOUR people you wish you were friends with:


THREE things that are currently on your mind:

1.Candy Crush, level 70! </3
2. Beach

TWO things you do before you fall asleep:

1. Blogging
2. Read

ONE wish:
1. HAPPINESS. xoxo
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