06 April, 2013

Graduation '13

Hi. Just to update you my dear friends, I graduated last April 3, 2013. :)

I am now ready to face the new chapter of my life, or what they also called as "the real world." I am hundred percent ready to face new challenges in life, especially the "stress" that I will get from my future work. I am looking forward to have a work as soon as possible to pay my parents back. But don't take it wrong, they are not pressuring me to get a job for me to pay them for sending me to school since then, it is just that since I already finished my studies, it is now my turn to support them (that's what a good daughter do, right?) but I am not doing that because I want them to call me a good daughter. It is because I like too. 

I owe everything to my family. Especially to my grandmother, my Mommy Nora. Mommy did everything for me. Even though she don't have enough money to support her self, she will send it to me just to pay my tuition. Even if she's sick, she still think of me. I love you Mommy for that.I know thanks is not enough, but this is all I can do, FOR NOW. I promise you that I will find job, and help our family just like what you did to me. I know it is not your obligation to pay for my tuition, and even if some are against to it, you still help my parents. I really thank you for that.

I also want to thanks my aunties and uncles for letting Mommy pay my tuition, I promise you that every single cent that Mommy had paid is NOT useless, it will be worth it. :)

For my parents, my Mom and Dad, thanks for supporting me all the way. In my four years in college I know we had experience a lot of things. We've been through ups and downs but look, here I am, holding my diploma with PRIDE. I hope I made you proud, though. :)

Thanks for giving me allowance every week, for giving all my "luhos" in life. I know it's hard for you guys to give me "baon" every week to the point that sometimes you borrow money just to give it to me. Thanks for that. I love you.

Oh, all my Thank you's are not enough. Sorry for not having any award, but you know that all my grades are pretty good to be proud of. :)


carpe diem

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