27 April, 2013

To my number one stalker here in blog

Hi my stalker. I know you miss reading my post here in blogspot. Hmm. What do you want to know? What's your concern? Hahaha.

You know my stalker, I want to say:

Ang panget mo.
Ang baluga mo.
Ang baho ng utot mo.
Ang itim mo.
Ang shunga mo.
Ang bubu mo.
Ang drama mo.
Ang arte mo.
At lahat ng ANG na negative nasayo na.

Hahah. Alam ko medyo inggit ka sa blog kong cute. Hahaha. :p
Ito lang masasabi ko, mag pagaling tayo pareho kasi magkikita pa tayo next week. Hahahah!

Osya, JHOANNA MARRIE SANTIAGO DELIMA, masaya ka na ba? Yun matagal mong ni-rerequest na pag po-post ko sa blog ko para sayo pa. Hahahha. Kadiri tuloy 'tong post ko na 'to.

I love you. I miss you. :*
PS: Viber na lang. <3

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20 April, 2013

Skipped number eight.

TEN things about yourself:

1. I'm fat and I don't care.
2. I fall in love easily.
3. I love Eiffel tower so much.
4. I am very sentimental person.
5. Sensitive
6. I do observe before talk
7. I buy books and read after a week.
8. God-fearing
9. I'm good at hiding feelings.
10. I make mistakes.

NINE things you want to do before you die:1. See Eiffel Tower with my own to eyes.
2. Watch Sunset with my lovey.
3. Build my own company.
4. Make out at the beach
5.Travel with my family
6. Meet all my celebrity crushes.
7. Compliment all people.
8. Build house near beach.
9. FLY.

SEVEN ways to win your heart:1. Make me smile.
2. Just be yourself.
3. Love me with my imperfections.
4. Out of the blue, He'll kiss and hug me.
5. Surprises
6. Scrapbook of me and you
7. Fall in love with me, and we'll share our common weirdness.

SIX songs that remind you of anything & why:

1. Sunset by Avalanche City- I am in love with sunset. <3
2. Hit the lights by Selena Gomez - This song reminds me of Tap tap, I used to play this game in my friends iPad/iPhone. And we tickle and distract each other.
3. Scientist by The Coldplay - Reminds me of my fictional crush. Christian T Grey. I feel like I am Anastasia. Hihi x
4. The man who can't be moved by The Script - Because it's hard for me to move on to anything, to someone, everything...
5. Kiss you by One Direction - Friends, my crazy friends who loves 1D so much.
6. Call me maybe by CJR or CRJ - We had a music video. Reminds me of my awesome College life. x

FIVE things you wish you could say to five different people.

1. Let's fall and share our mutual weirdness and called it Love. <3
2. Can I have your iPad?
3. Let's go to the beach and have fun!
4. Eiffel Tower is simply amazing, right? ....... I love you, too!
5. Do I know you?!

FOUR people you wish you were friends with:


THREE things that are currently on your mind:

1.Candy Crush, level 70! </3
2. Beach

TWO things you do before you fall asleep:

1. Blogging
2. Read

ONE wish:
1. HAPPINESS. xoxo
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18 April, 2013

Because I can't move on ..

Yes, the title of this blog says it all.

I miss going to school. I miss my friends. I miss my profs. AND I miss my CRUSHES! Hahahah.
I'm just kidding that I am kidding. :))

Okay, NICA, be serious.

Last night, Mom and I had a conversation about my College life, out of the blue she said:
"Anak, Mamimiss mong pumasok, lalo na yung mga kaibigan mo. Magiging iba na ang lahat."

I almost breakdown. She's right! I freakin' miss going to school with them. We'll go to school 1 hour before our class to eat, bond, chit-chat, play, and etc. I do hope they'll not change because I love them so much! <3

Mcdodo Friends. 
We became group UNEXPECTEDLY. 
11/11/11 it is. 
Because of Mang Inasal and spam message, boom! I found my forever friends! <3
The best thing I love about our group is that, WE HATE EACH OTHER! Hahaha.
We laugh at each other imperfections and mistake.
We talk and confront each other 
We talk about world, poverty, porn, s*x life
and we talk about any thing!
I miss laughing with you guys! x

My Zombie sisters and I am the only flower.
 Haha! Haaayyy. Who would have thought that I will be friends with these crazy awesome people!? We've been through UP and DOWN, but look at us! We're still together. 
FOUR YEARS of friendship and forever to gooo ... :)

I know I look so UGH in this photo.
 But YEAH! I'm gonna screw this! 
The last day of being a student. HA! :P

And my awesome block mates. <3
All I can say is,
GUYS, you're the best block ever!

If you didn't enroll us at TUA, at this (very) moment of time, instead of blogging this, I am in my couch sleeping... Zzzz..

Thank you! And I know we're destined to meet each other! :)

carpe diem. :)

Credits to

I found my new background cute! Hehe. Thank you The Cutest Blog on the block for the background, but sorry I have to remove your water mark/logo because my blog title can't be seen properly. But all credits are yours. Keep on uploading/ doing cute background! :)

And my background song is it so wonderful and awesome and nice? Avalanche City was new to me but when I listen to their music, OH, I easily fell in love with them! Go to Youtube and subscribe! They produce great songs. <3

carpe diem. :)
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12 April, 2013

Beach, please.

I want to swim in a beach.
Feel the warm water in my feet. 
Lay down in sand.
Watch the sunrise and sunset. 
Have fun and unwind.

I want to feel infinite.

06 April, 2013


I miss blogging! I shall update you everyday!! <3

Graduation '13

Hi. Just to update you my dear friends, I graduated last April 3, 2013. :)

I am now ready to face the new chapter of my life, or what they also called as "the real world." I am hundred percent ready to face new challenges in life, especially the "stress" that I will get from my future work. I am looking forward to have a work as soon as possible to pay my parents back. But don't take it wrong, they are not pressuring me to get a job for me to pay them for sending me to school since then, it is just that since I already finished my studies, it is now my turn to support them (that's what a good daughter do, right?) but I am not doing that because I want them to call me a good daughter. It is because I like too. 

I owe everything to my family. Especially to my grandmother, my Mommy Nora. Mommy did everything for me. Even though she don't have enough money to support her self, she will send it to me just to pay my tuition. Even if she's sick, she still think of me. I love you Mommy for that.I know thanks is not enough, but this is all I can do, FOR NOW. I promise you that I will find job, and help our family just like what you did to me. I know it is not your obligation to pay for my tuition, and even if some are against to it, you still help my parents. I really thank you for that.

I also want to thanks my aunties and uncles for letting Mommy pay my tuition, I promise you that every single cent that Mommy had paid is NOT useless, it will be worth it. :)

For my parents, my Mom and Dad, thanks for supporting me all the way. In my four years in college I know we had experience a lot of things. We've been through ups and downs but look, here I am, holding my diploma with PRIDE. I hope I made you proud, though. :)

Thanks for giving me allowance every week, for giving all my "luhos" in life. I know it's hard for you guys to give me "baon" every week to the point that sometimes you borrow money just to give it to me. Thanks for that. I love you.

Oh, all my Thank you's are not enough. Sorry for not having any award, but you know that all my grades are pretty good to be proud of. :)


carpe diem