09 December, 2012

December 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Tatay Gani! More birthday to come!! Your APO's loves you so much!!!! <33

We're always here to guide you, to be your "tungkod" if you can't walk, to be your "bank" if you don't have money, to be your "blanket" if you feel cold, to be "anything" we can be! <3

I wish you a good health and a happy life! :"">

My haggard na! Daddy, Inay at Tito! <3

My loves. <3

I kiss you! :*

Ganda namin, noh?

Ansaveh ng pimples sa ilong! =))

HAHAH! Arte kasi ni Inay eh!! <33

"Manics, you're so beautiful! <3"

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