15 October, 2012

Laters, Baby.

The Christian Grey Effect!

I made an GIF. Hahahaha. 

I so love his character and I don't know why. Some people find it strange but I don't fucking care. Though he is so unpredictable, dark and "mercurial" as what Anastasia Steele has said, I still like him! He is such a perfect guy, a boyfriend and husband material. :"">  Hihihihi!

I want someone like him, of course except the "Kinky fuckery" LoL! He is protective and everything! Bastaaaa, I love him!

I've done reading Fifty Shades of Grey and, malapit na Darker! I hope hindi ako ma-disappoint. And so far naman hindi, I can't stop smiling, smirking and lahat na! I'm super kinikilig!!! Woooooo. ;'>

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