11 October, 2012

TO: Christian Grey.

From: Nica Cortez a.k.a Ana
Subject: I can't help myself but fall in love with you, CTG. <3
To: Christian Grey

Hi Sir!

"You know the effect it has on me."

"Laters, Baby"

-- Oh. My. Christian Grey. Why? Why? I'm so addicted to you! I'm always thinking of you, my mind is floating because of you. Paano pa kaya kung ako talaga si Anastasia Steele. Oh. My Goshy! Kahit iba yun lifestyle mo, gulay! Sobrang iba ka naman sa mga guy na nabasa ko sa novel I. Want. You. and I want more..... as in MORE! Ohhh. Christian, hindi mo lang talaga alam kung anong epekto meron ka sakin. :"""">

-- Gusto ko makita yan palm twitching mo, yang 2 palms twitching mo! Gulayy!!!! Hahaha. I'm so in love with your character! And btw, nice work E. L James! I'm so attached to your characters! Ohhh. I love it!

Your Ana, a.k.a Nica

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