17 October, 2012

Carpe Diem! :)


I am bored once again.. 2 am and not yet sleepy..

Since I've downloaded so many CUTE fonts tonight, I used it and edit some photo, sorry for my "poor" editing skills. Here's the result..

Though, I don't own the background. I got it from Google (keyword: Lights Photography)

Carpe Diem/ Seize the day-  is my new motto in life. Well, honestly, I am the type of person that over think things, and I find it NOT cool. I'm kind of negative thinker too, but then.. I realized that I should be enjoying every seconds, minutes, hours of my life, who knows? Maybe tomorrow I'm gonna die, so I just precious every single moments I am with my love ones..

So, we should all Seize our days! Let's make the most out of it! Just enjoy today and give a little  thought of your futures. :">


PS: I know the background is already beautiful, I just add some spice, you know! ^__^

Here's the link of the BG: 

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