17 July, 2012

New background slash RD.

*EDITED*evil laugh*
*I got yah! and I feel SORRY FOR MYSELF! :(*

                I so love MY new background, plus I CHANGED my information BECAUSE I want it to be more "realistic" Hihi. AND I promise to myself that I WILL ALWAYS UPDATE MY BLOG, MY kaartehan and un-interesting stories.. Haha!

               Let me share what happened yesterday to our Research Design class, Jho and I was so nervous that time because Mam Agato is already checking the first part of our thesis. When she get our paper, she put some notes and I told Jho that maybe Mam Agato is revising our propose problem because she double check it. When she returns our paper, she noted that we're not about to discuss the 'Political Killings' since that is not part of our problem.

              I knew it! But blaming each other was not the solution to our problem, so we accept the result without any hard feelings because we didn't do it as one, but as group. Like what I said yesterday, "Everything happens for a reason" I believe that the next presentation that we'll present to our thesis adviser is GOOD. To the point that she will just say that "Job well done guys!"

              And this is thesis, we all know that doing thesis is not easy, that not in just one glimpse everything will be fine. Problems, rejection, misunderstanding are some of the problems that we will encounter in our thesis making, I know we're not perfect not to experience some of that problems, but we know that with God everything will be alright. :)

             I promise that, that would be the LAST time that we did not achieve the expectation of our adviser to my group, it will never ever happen again until we defense our thesis to the panelist. We will do our very best to make our thesis best! :) 

            And I am still grateful that our paper didn't got rejected by Mam and we still got a good grade of 1.75, it is not bad, right? But I promise that, that would be the last 1.75 for our thesis grades/To the 1.00 group mates?! RIGHT? AJA! :>

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